Find exactly how your competitors tackle the same challenges

With every function analysed, in video and UX measured, across all of your competitors, your digital banking team will be supercharged. Accelerate your go to market time.

Be better

Go behind your competitors’ login screens and experience them as a customer, so you can understand where they excel and learn from their mistakes.

Stay ahead

Benchmark yourself against a competitor bank or fintech, your target market, or the whole market, and find out what you’re missing to gain the edge.

Simplify compliance

Follow regulations without causing unnecessary friction. Fintech Insights shows you how others do it, so you can evaluate, enhance, and improve.

Complete, accurate, actionable data at your fingertips

Comprehensive access

Explore and analyse hundreds of major banks and fintechs, including Barclays, BBVA, Citi, HSBC, bunq and Revolut. We update everything weekly and constantly add new banks, so you always have access to the latest data and insights.

Multi-channel coverage

Find out what your competitors’ user experience is like on any channel. Easily switch between desktop and mobile browsers, iOS and Android apps, and even Apple Watch and other Internet of Things devices.

Bespoke data sets

View stats, workflows, and other critical data in dynamically produced, easy-to-follow graphs, quadrants, and charts. Every data set is fully customisable, so you get exactly what you need, presented just the way you like it.

Build five-star banking experiences

Inform your decision-making with data-backed insights every step of the way

For C-Level Executives

Understand how market leaders do things, perform gap analysis, and figure out your bank’s ideal positioning.

For Digital Strategists

Discover untapped or underserved markets, draw up accurate product roadmaps, and be the first to reach new customers.

For Digital Product Owners

Put yourself in your ideal customer’s shoes and understand their needs, so you can design products and services that get rave reviews.

For Digital Innovation Officers

Stay on top of the latest regulatory developments, trends, and tech, build a reputation as an innovator, and seize new opportunities.

For UX Designers

Explore different user journeys, learn what works — and what doesn’t — and design simpler, more intuitive customer experiences.


Learn how to get the most value out of Fintech Insights with our comprehensive library of videos and tutorials.

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In our 9 minutes Finovate presentation, we show you how FinTech Insights can help you deliver a better digital banking experience.


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Delight your customers at every login

Learn how Fintech Insights can help you design exceptional digital banking experiences.