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We’ve done the hard work, so you can focus on the important stuff. Access every single digital banking feature across your local and international competitors.

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All features from A to Z

All features offered by banks and fintechs are analyzed and ready for you to explore. Through walkthrough videos, from home screen to end-screen, know what your competitors offer and how they do it. 


Real videos from real bank accounts

Experience your competitors as if you were one of their customers in captured videos from real bank accounts. Access the same journey across all channels offered, including iOS, Android, desktop and Apple Watch.


Always up to date

No more outdated market reports. Your competitors are changing constantly and FinTech Insights captures all these changes weekly. Know innovation as it happens.


Advanced UX analysis

FinTech Insights UX-evaluates the effort users invest to complete every user journey. Definitively know what makes customers love or not. Discover the best practices in your market and worldwide.


Gap analysis

Benchmark your digital banking offerings against any competitor and see exactly where you excel or fall behind. Tap into detailed head-to-head gap analysis across all features and channels.


Local and international competition

Don’t limit yourself to researching your local competitors only. Expand your market understanding worldwide. Access the best practices globally and introduce them to your market.


All features across all channels

Access every single feature offered for every bank analyzed across all channels, including desktop, iOS, Android, wearables. From KYC all the way down to Money Transfers, Investments and PFM.

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